This issue of Holy Ground guides you to a place beyond pain and tumult.

You will discover poet, Vassar Miller, who writes …

Without Ceremony –

Except ourselves we have no other prayer;
our needs are sores upon our nakedness.
We do not have to name them; we are here.
And You who can make eyes can see no less….

You also will be invited to your Still Point of the turning world,
a place described by St. John of the Cross and his admirer, poet T.S. Eliot.
where the weary soul finds repose.

Here, also, is where Teshuvah (Hebrew for repent) happens.
Repentance is not so much contrition and guilt, as you may think,
as it is simply a shift of focus. Here we are reconciled to the brokenness
and pain of ourselves and of our beautiful world.

I hope you learn and find peace in this issue, Ouch.
You are worthy. You are deeply and eternally loved.

To see into our sin and dysfunction with love,
as we fumble to touch the hem of Jesus’ robe, is to repent.
To see the hunger, humiliation and pain behind the eyes of the angry,
disillusioned and violent ones is to see with God’s eyes.

A blessed Easter to you and yours! Loretta F Ross