Spiritual Nurture and Support for Contemplative Living 

The Sanctuary Foundation for Prayer touches many lives – those searching for answers, those looking for more, and those who have felt the call of Grace in their lives and long to go deeper.

The Sanctuary offers living water to thirsty souls, as we help people connect with the Source of life, deepen and expand their relationship with God, and enjoy the fruits of that communion in their lives, churches, families, and communities.

If You…

    • ​Yearn for “more” more peace, love, joy.
    • Are facing crisis, uncertainty, loss or pain.
    • Wonder how to tell the difference between your will and God’s will.
    • Are unwilling to settle for pat, shallow answers to your questions of faith.
    • Are in a position of spiritual leadership and want to be accountable for your own growth.
    • Know in your heart that certain things in your life must change, then…

…the Sanctuary may be the sanctuary you are seeking.


Loretta Ross

Loretta F Ross, is an Honorably retired Presbyterian minister and the Executive Director and Founder of The Sanctuary Foundation for Prayer. Loretta is a member of the Presbytery of East Iowa with the ecclesiastical designation of Spiritual Director. Loretta earned her Masters of Divinity from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, holds a Masters of Arts degree in theater, and is a graduate of The Shalem Institute Program for Spiritual Direction. She has served in Presbyterian, United Methodist, and United Church of Christ churches.


What If Jonah met Rumi?

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This issue of Holy Ground guides you to a place beyond pain and tumult. You will discover poet, Vassar Miller, who writes … Without Ceremony – Except ourselves we have no other prayer;our needs are sores upon our nakedness.We do not have to name them; we are here.And You who can make eyes can see no less…. You also will be invited to your Still Point of the turning world,a place described by St. John of the Cross and his admirer, poet T.S. Eliot.where the weary soul finds repose. Here, also,...

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We seek to work and live contemplatively
This means that we do not rush into things. We listen and wait. We learn to tolerate anxiety and ambiguity and quiet our anxious egos. We pray long and hard. We seek to trust God more than ourselves. We believe it is not our availability to the world that welcomes the realm of God, but our availability to God in the context of the world. We care deeply for those we serve and pray for them regularly. We strive to not be co-opted by the model of consumerism that pervades our culture and seek to carry out this ministry with simplicity, obedience, and love in the way of Jesus Christ. We take spiritual disciplines seriously. We do not think we know everything.

Spiritual Direction Services available by appointment.

Please call us or complete the form below to explore what spiritual direction might be right for you. We Offer a sliding fee schedule.

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